The Class of 2016 share their memories and advice for new students...

Meet the newest additions to our alumni community. Congratulations Class of 2016!

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Mark Bracher

MRes Middle East Studies (Dec 2016)
‘The course was challenging but rewarding and, with hindsight, I view it as an essential stepping stone’

Monika Kirova

LLM European Law – Dec 2016 (previously LLB Law at the University of Exeter)
 ‘Being an EU student and living far away from my friends and family has turned my experience in Exeter into a great adventure, full of exciting and challenging moments.’

Emily Stone

MA Anthrozoology  (Dec 2016)
‘Witnessing the impact of my empirical research contributed to my desire to continue producing meaningful research after the MA.’

Arif Pratana

MA - Public Administration (Dec 2016)
‘the contemporary issues being discussed in the class room has broaden my views on politics and public affairs’

Alice Lynch

MA Applied Security Strategy (Dec 2016) 
‘My course provided me with opportunities to meet and engage with people at the top of their field, that I could not have found anywhere else’

Eimear McLoughlin

MA Anthrozoology (Dec 2016)
‘The exceptional engagement of the lecturers has allowed me to reach my potential, even exceed what I thought possible.’

Chioma Nwamaka Momah

MA in Public Administration (Dec 2016)
‘I also enjoyed the fact that my classmates were from all over the world as I learnt from their different country experiences.’

Francesca Gough

LLM, Master of Laws in International Commercial Law (Dec 2016)
‘I believe that my Masters has been an invaluable educational experience that has provided me with the foundations to become an excellent commercial lawyer.'

Anatasia Bowes

BA Arabic and Islamic Studies
"The Arabic department becomes your second home.... I'll miss the sense of community that there is here at Exeter. I'll miss my friends in Arabic and the Arabic building, where I spent a LOT of my time."

Courtney Buckler

"Research-led teaching has by far been the most enjoyable part of my degree. There is something so valuable about being taught by somebody who is not only knowledgeable about a topic, but passionate and opinionated about it too."

Edward Beecham

BA Politics, Philosophy and Economics
"The Exeter Award is both a beneficial and accommodating award as it not only furthers your development in the job hunt, it also works alongside your degree, without detracting from your studies."

Eleanor Healy

BA Politics and International Studies, Penryn
"Living in a holiday location like Falmouth, with sun, fresh air and the relaxed way of life, was the perfect counterbalance at the end of a long day in the library!"

Eleanor Sevenoaks

BA Philosophy
"The lecturers were so helpful and always had their door open for queries and further discussions."

Emily Rachel Tyers

BSc (Hons) Sociology
"Studying at the University of Exeter has provided me not only with a top class degree, but also with a range of transferable skills that I can use in future employment."

Gemma Edey

"Join different societies, try new activities and step outside of your comfort zone while you have the chance!"

Georgina Lewis

BSc Sociology and Criminology
"The dissertation was definitely the main highlight... It helped bring my degree to life, to help me feel like maybe my work could one day make a difference to someone."

James Harman

BA Politics and Sociology with Applied Data Analysis
"I loved the interdisciplinary nature of social sciences at Exeter; I have been able to study modules encompassing history, philosophy, economics and international relations, in addition to my core disciplines."

Minh Tri Le

BSc (Hons) Sociology and Criminology with Applied Data Analysis
"Make sure you have an abundance of stories to tell from your time as a student. This can only happen if you make an effort to put as much as you can in to get as much out of the University experience as possible."

Kevin Ho Yuan Chang

"The lecturers managed to find a perfect balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of the law."

Lily Francis

BA Sociology
"You are not only there to gain a degree, but to also discover who you are and to take advantage of different opportunities!"

Luke Champion

BA Politics and International Studies
"Three years ago if you had told me I would get a first I would never have believed you, let alone be top of my year."

Marina More

BA Arabic & Persian
"I would like to thank the teachers of the Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies for their hard work and dedication to their subjects which has given me such a passion for the subject."

Pavel Kondov

BA International Relations 2016
"The notion that in the social sciences there is more than one valid way to answer the same question made for a constantly fascinating journey, and being taught by such great academics instils a natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge."

Samantha Ross

"Across a huge variety of modules there are so many different and interesting facets to legal studies. Studying Law has equipped me with a number of transferable skills which will prove useful in my professional life."

Josh Callandar

BA Middle East Studies 2015
"Being able to transfer current events to political theory literally a day after an event happening is something which you can only experience in a handful of degrees"

Alexa St.John Palmer

BSc Anthropology
"I've loved being surrounded by students and the general hubbub of campus and I will really miss that feeling."