Anthropology staff

Our Anthropology staff at Exeter have a wide range of research interests. We have several trained anthropologists alongside a number of sociologists with a strong interest the study of culture and ethnographic methods who are dedicated to the teaching of the programme. Their teaching and research explores innovative topics such human-animal interactions, global health, postcolonial politics, cultures of warfare, development, cultures of race and ethnicity, consumerism and the anthropology of the senses. Research is grounded in a variety of social settings and institutions including NGOs, hospitals, Welsh farming communities, African wildlife centres, Hindu Ashrams, English multicultural neighbourhoods and warzones in the Middle East. As an undergraduate you will benefit from a lively research environment as your teachers will be contributing to current debates, giving you access to the latest thinking and resources.

Anthropology at Exeter also benefits from contributions from the Department of Archaeology. Anthropology and Archaeology are closely related subjects and many of the staff have academic training in both fields. The physical anthropology aspect of the discipline is delivered within the Department of Archaeology where the focus is on human remains and the means by which we understand, for example, our evolution, health and mortality. Teaching and research also deal with hunter-gatherers and traditional farmers and pastoralists, both in the past and present. Other themes include the use of ethnographic research to help understand the past, the engagement of indigenous peoples with their past, and the study of material culture, trade and circulation within different societies around the world.

Further contributions to the delivery of Anthropology at Exeter come from the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, where there is a strong interest in the ethnographies of the Middle East, Kurdish Studies, the anthropology of ritual and religion and maritime material cultures in the Gulf Region.

Academic staff
Dr Julien Dugnoille Lecturer (Anthropology)
Professor Harry G West Professor of Anthropology
Iza Kavedzija Lecturer (Anthropology)
Dr Samantha Hurn Lecturer (Anthropology)
Dr Tom Rice Lecturer (Anthropology)
Dr Katharine Tyler Lecturer (Anthropology)

Anthropology at Exeter sits within the Department of Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology and Criminology and draws on the interdisciplinary expertise of a number of its staff.

We also draw on the expertise of colleagues in the Department of Archaeology.