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EASE members presented their work at the University of Exeter SPA Postgraduate Conference

Fenella Eason, Kate Marx and Alexandra Onofrei presented on aspects of their research at the annual Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology conference. Fenella talked about the multi-disciplinary nature of Anthrozoology during a roundtable discussion on inter-disciplinarily, Kate discussed findings from her research on human encounters with wild animals on the Appalachian Trail in the USA, and Alexandra discussed her research on pig sacrifice in Romania.

Wildlife photographer Simon King MBE undertakes artist's residency at EASE

Internationally renowned natural history photographer, documentary filmmaker and TV presenter Simon King MBE has recently completed a residency with EASE when he joined researchers in Bucharest for a week in April 2017. Simon's artistic work has traditionally focussed on documenting the lives and deaths of wild animals around the world, but during this residency he turned his attention to an example of a domestic species gone wild! Simon was tasked with capturing Romania's stray dogs on film.

His stunning photographs will form the basis of a catalogue of images which will be used to explore the possibility of teaching a computer programme to accurately recognise canine behaviours. The programme will be developed by EASE postdoctoral researcher Dr Steve North, who has previously worked on developing software to recognise equine behaviours. However, given the phenotypic variation which exists within the species canis familiaris, a database of as many different high quality images of different dogs as possible will be needed! More information on this ongoing project will be posted in due course, along with an invitation to contribute your own images and videos to the database. Watch this space!