Cloisters Square

As you walk in through the North Cloisters archway you will see the door to the Porter's Lodge on the right of the actual arch. North Cloisters was once known as 'Long Alley', and the east wing was known as 'Staff Alley'. These names are no longer used - but you will still find a 'Club Alley', where the postgraduate study rooms are currently located, on the West side of the Quad.

Through the archway you will find yourself in the north arcade - looking right (west) you will see a door at the end of the arcade which leads on to the NC12 lecture theatre.

Looking left leads you to a door to the Art Room, and the Chapel.

The offices upstairs can be accessed by either door and multiple little tucked-away staircases which give North Cloisters something of its charm.

Taken November 2012

Taken November 2012Taken November 2012

You will then walk through to the cloisters square, which looks out onto the Quad. There are a number of benches dotted about here, and the flower beds are regularly maintained by the gardeners - which makes this a very pleasant place to have lunch or sit with a cup of coffee. In the summer it's the perfect spot to watch the tennis on the Quad.