DEdPsych Professional Training in Educational Psychology

What is our programme about?

All of the professional training courses in the UK meet the standards for Educational and Training of the Health Professions Council and the Programme Standards of the British Psychological Society, yet they are all different in the way that they meet those standards.

It is important that you choose the course which is best suited to you.

The Exeter DEdPsych experience is marked by:

  • A philosophy that aims to make you the best applied psychologist that you can be – you become your own resource in terms of applying psychology;
  • A focus on how you may promote educational opportunity through the application of psychology
  • Your participation in a lively and interesting range of learning and training experiences across a range of educational settings;
  • A recognition that your professional development goes hand in hand with personal development and this can be both invigorating and uncomfortable.
  • Systems to support your transition into the role of a professional educational psychologist;
  • Being placed in an internationally recognised centre for educational research to which you have access on your journey to becoming a competent autonomous researcher;
  • Our expectation that the applied educational psychological skills you develop will be generalisable across time and contexts;
  • Our emphasis that psychology should be concerned with developing the capacity for humanity in ourselves and in others.

You may also want to check our essential and desirable criteria, browse through our application process & timetable. For further information please refer to our handbooks and check our useful links.