Funding is available to enhance your professional practice and help you make improvements which will make a positive difference either in the classroom or within your particular work environment.

MA Education (Masters of Arts in Education)


St Luke's Campus, Exeter, or via blended or distance learning


The MA Education is designed to enhance your professional practice and help you make improvements which will make a positive difference either within the classroom or your particular work environment.

Highly flexible, it caters for educators with a diverse range of experience, development needs, and study requirements. It is suitable for teachers, those in leadership or policy-making roles, and other practitioners working in education or related settings.

You may choose an individually constructed programme, or follow a specialist route which may be reflected in your degree title. You may study full-time or part-time, and choose to study on campus or via blended or distance learning. You may also study single modules through our Professional Development in Education programme.

Whichever route you choose, you will be taught by academics with considerable experience as practitioners, and whose research sets the agenda, influences policy and leads to innovation in the classroom.

If you are an International Student you are only able to engage with Part Time study via Distance Learning. This is due to Visa restrictions. Therefore you need to be aware that, if you are studying Part Time, your module options are restricted to those that offer the delivery method of Distance Learning. Please see our Module Information page for details. 

Choose your route and/or specialism:

Choose a study programme to suit your individual interests, career stage and learning requirements. Choices include modules for newly qualified teachers and mentors; modules in action research, maths, science, technology, arts, language and literacy, and special educational needs; and independent study.

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‌Develop your knowledge and understanding of arts education (e.g. music, dance, drama, visual arts) and the central role of creativity in arts teaching and learning. Opportunities for hands on experiences through participation in educational projects, artist-led workshops and visits to educational settings.

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Develop the theoretical knowledge and practical techniques to improve the reading, writing and language skills of your students to give them the best possible platform for a successful future. 

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Suitable for maths specialists or those seeking to develop maths as a specialism, either at secondary or primary level, this specialism will encourage you to adopt the latest innovations including the use of technology, within your own professional practice.

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Explore the latest innovations in science education, while developing practical skills and techniques to enable you to communicate complex concepts in ways which inspire students to excel. 

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‌‌Develop your understanding of the theory and practice of special educational needs within both special and mainstream educational settings. Explore ideas around inclusion, disability and difference. Opportunity for hands-on experience.

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‌Explore the future of education looking at the role of technology and how to encourage creativity and flexible thinking within the classroom in order to meet the needs of pupils and employers in the 21st century.

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