Master of Education (MEd)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


A Masters in TESOL has international recognition and is seen as an important professional qualification worldwide to enable TESOL teachers to enhance their career prospects. In particular it is often seen as an important entry qualification for educators who want to work at University level.

In addition, depending on the modules taken, completion of the MEd in TESOL can help you move into new areas within TESOL such as:

  • teacher education and training
  • English for special purposes
  • materials development
  • the teaching of English to young learners.

Our MEd also offers excellent preparation for progression to PhD or professional doctorate (EdD).

Many students have job offers before they finish their programme.  Some students return to their previous job but develop to  become managers in their field.  Some students develop new objectives, for example they move into material development, management or become involved in policy making.

Dr Li Li
Leader of MEd Tesol programme

The good thing about Exeter is that it is recognised outside of the UK which obviously on your CV if you are looking for international jobs is valuable. That name brand recognition is something that you want.

Francis Ventham
MEd TESOL 2011