Some students have the opportunity to visit local schools to observe classes and assist language teachers in their classrooms.

Master of Education (MEd)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


We believe in small group learning and teaching. Our modules have no more than 20 students and students have a lot of interaction with tutors and with groups.  This includes small group discussion, seminars and workshops.

There are also practical elements to the programme. Some students have the opportunity to visit local language schools to observe classes.  They also assist language teachers in their classrooms to get hands on teaching experience.

Also we visit the Foreign Language Centre at Exeter to experience academic language teaching and students also teach each other in what we call peer teaching. 


Assignments vary from module to module and involve a variety of assessment methods, including written essays, oral presentations and portfolio-based assessment.

We take great care to provide you with support for your studies. All students are assigned a personal tutor and have access to module tutors via email and face-to-face tutorials. You will also have opportunities to sign up for general academic support tutorials that run on a weekly basis. For students whose first language is not English, in-session support classes and individual tutorials are provided by INTO University of Exeter.

For more information see explanations of the different teaching, learning and assessment methods used at Exeter. 

The lecturers are superb. Not only are they knowledgeable and articulate in their conveyance of this, but they are also highly personable. In fact, I have deliberately tried to model aspects of my own practice on the examples that they set.
Gareth Morris, MEd 2011

One of the reasons to study the TESOL program was that they focused on a small-group teaching. The size of each lesson was just around 20 students. Therefore, I had a lot of interactions with tutors and other students from different backgrounds, which has increased my learning opportunities and offered me opportunities to develop my understanding of teaching English from different cultural perspectives.
Xuying Fan, MEd 2011

The University of Exeter has a great reputation in the UK. The summer programme is wonderful for teachers like myself who are working abroad because we can take a month off during the summer for studies.
Shaghaygh Khademian, MEd 2008

The programme participants were a very diverse group of teachers – from different countries AND teaching in all types of institutions AND all age groups – which was extremely enriching to the discussions.
Joy Westendorp, MEd 2008