Reading Lists

Here we have listed the currently available Programme and Module Reading Lists for the 2014/15 academic year.

Further reading lists will be made available here when they are released; otherwise your reading list will be given to you when you begin your module.



The MEd TESOL has a generic reading list for the programme as a whole (in addition to any TESOL-relevant module reading lists below). The generic list is for all MEd TESOL students, no matter which TESOL specialism you are taking.

MEd TESOL Generic Reading List


MEd TESOL students may find it useful to refer to the MEd TESOL programme structure (or MEd TESOL programme structure for Intensive Summer School students) when looking at the modules below.

Module Reading List

Module Code


Credit Value

Developing Practical Knowledge for TESOL Teaching EFPM280 TBC 30
Principles of Language Learning EFPM266 TBC 30