A Conversion Board is held once every term towards the end of term.

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Conversion Paper

a paper of up to 5,000 words written and submitted by MPhil students wishing to be considered for conversion to the PhD programme

A conversion paper is submitted by MPhil students after they have completed the research methods modules taught at the beginning of the programme.

Conversion papers must be no longer than 5,000 words in length and should evidence the student's research so far and demonstrate how that research will be progressed to doctoral level study.

A Conversion Board is held once every term towards the end of term, thus giving students 3 opportunities in the year to submit a paper. The Board consists of at least 3 members of academic staff within the relevant research area, typically including the Head of Research and Programme Directors for both the MSc and MPhil/PhD programmes. The student is not required to be present at the Board meeting.

Prior to the Conversion Board meeting the conversion paper is considered by a referee, who will be a member of academic staff who has not been previously involved with the student's work. He or she will act as an objective reviewer of the content and give feedback on the paper which is presented to the Board in the form of a report (the Referee is not required to be present at the Board meeting though they do have the option to attend, as does the Supervisor).

The student is informed of the Boards' decision as soon as possible after it has met, and could receive any one of the following results:-

  • Successful - paper is passed without corrections
  • Minor corrections - paper is passed subject to minor corrections such as typograhpical errors.
  • Resubmission required - paper requires revisions to content, argument, etc., to be submitted to a future Conversion Board.
  • Recommend continuation on MPhil programme - paper is not considered adequate to progress to doctoral level study, and student is advised to complete a thesis of 60,000 words to gain an MPhil degree.

[Further detailed information on conversion papers is available in the MPhil/PhD Programme Handbook (available from the Student Documents pages to registered students only).]