Students generally listen and take notes.

Methods of Teaching, Learning & Assessment


one of the main methods of teaching at university level; a presentation on a particular subject or topic given by a member of the academic staff to a large group of students, where students generally listen and take notes

Lectures may be given in any of our 3 lecture theatres:-

  • BC114, Baring Court Building (first floor)
  • NC12, North Cloisters (ground floor)
  • PMS/G18, Peninsula Medical School Building (ground floor behind the library)

Lectures tend to be less interactive than other teaching methods and are intended to disseminate information from an expert in the particular field to a large number of students (and other academic staff) simultaneously.

Apart from lectures given as part of academic programmes, you can also attend lectures which form part of the Research Seminar Series which are generally given around midday or early evening and often involve guest speakers from other Higher Education Institutions. Further information about the Research Seminar Series is given on our website.


Students generally listen and take notes.