On a Masters programme a supervisor is allocated for the dissertation element.

Methods of Teaching, Learning & Assessment


the correlation between a student and a tutor responsible for their learning and having expertise in the area of the student's study

Differing degrees of supervision are carried out at postgraduate level, and you will be allocated supervisor(s) depending on which programme you are registered on and which stage of that programme you have reached.

Supervision is traditionally carried out in a tutor's office or study but can also take place via email, telephone, video conferencing or at a location away from the university which has been agreed by all parties involved.


Supervision is an interactive process.

On a Masters programme a supervisor is allocated for the dissertation element which is usually the final module in a course of study.

Doctoral level students typically have 2 supervisors: a first supervisor who has expertise in the appropriate field of research, and a second supervisor who might bring a different kind of knowledge to bear, such as experience in a particular kind of research methodology.

The number of hours' supervision you will receive in an academic year will vary according to your programme and level of study.

(For further guidance on supervision provision for research students please see the Teaching & Quality Assurance Manual, Section 7.)