We are committed to ensuring that research students are given full and rounded training and The Researcher Development Programme offers an extensive choice of training events exclusively designed for doctoral and early career contract researchers.

Our students can utilise technologies such as Skype to contact their supervisor.

PhD in Education

Your PhD

You will have regular contact with your coordinating supervisor in terms 1 and 2 or until you have been allocated your two supervisors. In addition, you will have a research mentor who you’ll meet regularly from the start of your programme. This holistic approach to support through dual supervision enables supervision in content areas and methodologies relevant to your research, and the opportunity for a personal mentor.

There is also a supplementary programme for students for whom English is a second language during the MSc phase.


We expect that students will make good progress on their research and writing, and lay down a series of goals that need to be achieved in order for students to continue. We have mechanisms to monitor the progress of students on an annual basis, and to make decisions about their future registration as a result.


Students working on campus have access to a Research Support Unit (RSU) providing 24 hour access work space, and ICT facilities. The RSU can also loan equipment to support your research (e.g. laptops, video cameras, tape recorders and transcribers).

You will have access to a dedicated Postgraduate Common Room in addition to your own work space, where you can network and share experiences with a large and diverse community of fellow educational research students.

You can access further support for your research from the School's Virtual Research Centre. This is an internet site and is available to all our research students wherever they are in the world. It provides direct links to the university's electronic library as well as recordings of the MSc lectures and interviews with staff about a number of topics relevant to your work.

All students also benefit from optional extra research training through the University's Researcher Development Programme (RDP).

Further information

More information can be found in the Postgraduate Research Student Handbook.