Studying for an EdD will increase your knowledge about other professionals and their organisations and thereby gain a wider perspective on the environment in which you work.

Doctor of Education (EdD) Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in Dubai


By opting to study for an EdD at Exeter, you are outlining your commitment to continuing professional development and personal growth. The programme will improve your confidence in your values and actions as a professional, helping you to develop a critical approach to your work and increasing your ability to think and act more systematically. 

Student experience

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Obtaining an EdD in TESOL from the University of Exeter is a dream which has vividly come true. In fact, the whole Exeter experience is one of a kind. Starting from the carefully designed study program, to the well-ground modules, learning about and practically developing a research design, providing theoretical justification for one's research tools, selecting and applying an analytical framework, interpreting data and drawing conclusions, relating between themes, abiding by research ethics, reflecting on my own learning and teaching practice, an crowning all with defending my thesis in a viva, is undoubtedly the experience of my lifetime. I feel so blessed with such experience and I think that all future prospects are opening up for me.

Kamil Osman, who successfully defended his EdD thesis