SEN Personalised Learning Task

Writing up the task

Your work with an individual pupil for this task should be written up in about 2 sides of A4. A writing frame is available. The notes and records you have kept while carrying out the task will be integrated and analysed in writing this report. The report can be partly in bullet form; it is not an essay or assignment, more like a professional report for school records.

You are expected to give/send a copy of this report to the SENCO and/or school based tutor who supported you in carrying out the task - it should be useful for the school. Also place a copy in your IDP.

Please remember to use pseudonyms when writing about the pupil and any staff involved, so that the anonymity of all concerned is preserved. 

Here are quotes of what some PGCE trainees have said about the write up:

Very useful, it was good to pull together the work done with the pupil and the wider reading undertaken. (secondary PGCE trainee)

This was an excellent task and writing it up make me evaluate my teaching and the child's learning.
(primary PGCE trainee)

Suggested content to cover

  • Background information about the pupil
    • age
    • gender
    • school history
    • strengths and difficulties in the subject (or generally for Early Years trainees)
    • relevant past ‘environmental’ factors
    • current factors supporting, and barriers to, learning
    • previous and current provision made to support this pupil
    • current IEP, progress towards targets etc.
      Comment also, on the usefulness of the information you collected, in helping you plan your work with this pupil.
  • How you planned and undertook the work with the pupil
    • conclusions based on initial discussion of the extent to which the recorded targets, approaches etc on pupil’s IEP were being used, the pupil’s progress towards these targets and the relevance of the setting (where, when), grouping (with whom), teaching strategies (how learning promoted) , resources (with what) and targets (objectives, goals) to the pupil’s progress in learning.     
    • whether you supported learning broadly along the lines of the IEP targets or examined how the pupil's targets might be reviewed.     
    • the settings in which you taught, the teaching approaches/strategies you used; how you monitored the pupil’s  progress and the records you kept on the  progress the pupil made.     
    • information about ideas and practices you used from the materials provided (if any) and any reading you undertook that was related to the task.
    • evaluate the impact of the strategies you used on the pupil’s progress against the target/s set. Discuss any difficulties you encountered in teaching and learning and the reasons for these
  • Conclusions
    • your recommendations with reasons for the next steps in teaching this pupil in your subject in the future.
    • if you carried out the task 1:1 with the pupil, what have you learned that you can apply to whole class teaching?
    • what you learnt from the task – knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes. 
    • how you can apply your learning to whole class teaching.