The University's chaplaincy team includes eight Christian Chaplains of various denominations. The Chaplains are always willing to be contacted to discuss the Christian faith, or any personal matter in confidence.

The campus has its own Chapel, a quiet and holy space at the heart of St Luke's. You are welcome to make use of the Chapel's lounge and the worship space, to help yourself to refreshments in the kitchen, and there is a wifi connection for those who wish to study.

The Chapel community here is one of ordinary Christians who take seriously Jesus' instruction not to judge others, to welcome all who seek God, to comfort the distressed and to strive after humility.

The worship is holy, joyful, prayerful and theologically engaging. We look to enjoy life and have fun whilst acknowledging the depths to be found. (See times of prayers and services.)

The St Luke’s Chaplain, the Reverend Dr James Theodosius, welcomes contact from all staff and students. There are no topics of conversation off limits and you do not need to be a person of faith to seek his counsel. You can contact James at any time.

Subject to the Chaplain's permission, the Chapel is available to groups and individuals for worship, discussion, musical, dramatic and social activities. Please contact James for more information.

The Community of St Luke

The Chapel is part of The Community of St Luke, which serves the staff and students of the University of Exeter, the South West Ministry Training Course, and has historic roots in Exeter Cathedral, whilst being open to all. The Community was inaugurated and blessed by the Bishop of Exeter on 18 October 2012 (St Luke's Day).

The Community seeks to support those in most need and actively engage with their lives. At present, along with Exeter Cathedral’s Holy Ground, we help serve the men and women of St Petrock’s, Exeter on a Friday evening. If you are interested in helping, please contact: Canon Missioner on 01392 294903 or

Social media

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