The Arts and Educational Futures (EFPM265)

30 credits

This module will introduce you to understandings of the arts in relation to probable, possible and preferable educational futures in relation to curriculum, capabilities and processes relevant to 21st century education. It will explore questions such as:

-       Why are educational futures important?

-       What kinds of questions can we ask about educational futures?

-       What role do and can the arts play in relation to educational futures?

We explore theoretical perspectives on these issues and also practical applications both within and beyond formal education with a variety of guest lecturers and also field material. The module considers a range of issues related to transformative learning and teaching in the arts in a range of cultural contexts by drawing on expertise within the student group as well as from research. It is designed to equip educators with critical, reflective practice-focused approaches to develop possible educational futures in their own contexts.

 There are no pre-requisite or co-requisite modules, and it is suitable for non-specialist students. It can be studied as part of an interdisciplinary pathway.