SEN: Teaching and Learning (EFPM270)

30 credits

This module focuses on the examination of concepts, approaches and issues relevant to the teaching and learning of students with special educational needs. There are two interrelating elements to the module: firstly, studying different theories, concepts and practices such as learning theories, pedagogy, assessment, differentiation; secondly, considering different types of special educational need, for example, dyslexia, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism. The activities and assessments in the modules help bring these two aspects together, so considering questions such as: How can differentiation be applied in practice with particular reference to pupils designated as having moderate learning difficulties?

The module is suitable for anyone interested in the teaching and learning of students with a range of special educational needs.  It may be you are a professional in school, further education, social services or health related roles (however, these are examples, not pre-requisites).