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Induction, Training and Feedback

The Exeter Model

Who's Who

The IDP and the Weekly Training Schedule

Phases of The Exeter Model


Lesson Planning

Demonstrations and Agendas

Lesson Observations

The Exeter Model Framework

Focussed Reflections in the Developing Independence Phase

Learning Conversations

Assessment of Progress in The Exeter Model

Supporting Trainees in Difficulty



Videos on Mentoring roles within the Exeter Model, September 2021, by Dr Tom Ralph




Video presentation on Primary Curriculum, October 2021, by Ruth Flanagan


Video presentation on Secondary Curriculum, October 2021, by Dr Tom Ralph


School Direct

Video presentation on SDD Curriculum, September 2021, by Dr Annabel Watson

Training, Development and Consultation

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Drop Ins

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ITEC Meetings

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Resources

Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Leaflet

Responding to Islamophobia

Responding to Racism

Supporting Trainee Teachers from BME Backgrounds

Teaching learners from BME backgrounds

Video on EDI - working with your PGCE trainees in school, September 2021, by Ruth Flanagan 


Peer Mentor Moderation

To follow

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