Formative Reflection on Achievement and Progress

The trainees will be required to complete a ‘Formative Reflection on Achievement and Progress' (FRAP) where they will comment on their progress against the ‘profile’ descriptors and then submit the document to the Mentor who will discuss it with them and then complete the form prior to passing it to the ITEC for submission to the Partnership Office.

The handbook says:

Formative Reflection on Achievement and Progress (FRAP)

There are four Formative Reflections on Achievement and Progress (FRAP1, FRAP2, FRAP3 and FRAP4) during your course. These reports indicate what you have achieved in each phase of your training and signal areas for further development. For each of them you complete your part of the document and take it to the appropriate person for discussion, verification and their additions. Your University Tutor completes FRAP1 with you in November (see Placement Diary in this handbook). Your Mentor completes FRAP2, FRAP3 and FRAP4 in consultation with your Tutor(s) in school, and with reference to evidence in your Individual Development Portfolio and Teaching Files. The FRAP is a shared document and so you will have access to whatever anyone else adds to your document, although you might not always agree with their comments. You will be asked to sign the report as evidence of having seen it. As your comments and those of your mentor/tutor are recorded on the same document it will be obvious if you are not in agreement about your progress. Although extremely rare, such issues should be discussed with your UVT. A copy of each report must be included in your PGCE Individual Development Portfolio. On return to the University, the FRAPs will be endorsed by your University Tutor.

The FRAPs can be found on the primary and secondary 'Handbooks, reports and documents' pages


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