Framework for Dialogue About Teaching

Professional Knowledge and Enquiry

This addresses the ongoing pursuit of improving professional practice and might include consideration of:

  • Research - accounts of research studies and how these can inform practice.
  • Theory - understanding theories of teaching and learning, for example, theories of motivation or identity.
  • Aspirational practice - best practice, including striving towards ideal practice.

Generic questions that you could ask about this are:

  • How has your reading or the University course helped you to prepare for this lesson?
  • Was there a key piece of research that has particularly influenced you?
  • Was there a particular theory of teaching and learning that informed the preparation for this learning?
  • How did the theory work in practice?
  • How might you research this further in terms of academic reading?
  • How might you enquire into this further in your classroom practice?
  • What were you aiming for as best practice in this lesson?
  • Was there any gap between your classroom practice and aspirational best practice in terms of the way the peer assessment [group work; teacher interaction...] worked? Can you account for this?