Framework for Dialogue About Teaching

School Communities

This addresses the contextualised nature of teaching and learning through considering:

  • School and national policies - how members of the school community interpret national policies and how the values of society impact on the school.
  • Attitudes, expectations and ethos - understanding the ethos of the school and the part that pupils, teachers, governors and parents play in creating this.
  • Working with others - how to work collaboratively with school colleagues, parents and external agencies.

Generic questions that you could ask include:

  • In teaching this lesson, were there any differences between your expectations of the class and the teachers’ expectations?
  • Could you see any way that school policies influenced the way you taught that lesson?
  • Did you use the school behaviour policy to support your behaviour management in this lesson?
  • How did you plan for working with the Teaching Assistants in this lesson?
  • Is there a homework policy which enables communication with parents over homework e.g. through planners? Does this work? Have you experienced different practices in other schools?
  • Are there any conflicts between what you want to do in a lesson and the ethos of this school?
  • How do you work out what the ethos of the school is?
  • How has your school interpreted the ECM agenda?
  • Does the way we have implemented the national strategy differ from your experience of it in other schools?
  • Do you think the problem you have encountered here is in any way related to differing attitudes or expectations between you and the class teacher?
  • Could you have made more use of the information from the SENCO to help Child X?