Framework for Dialogue About Teaching

Teachers' Standards

These should be exemplified throughout the framework. Dialogue should consider:

  • Professional attributes - understanding how to be a professional and the requirements of professional behaviour.
  • Professional knowledge and understanding - having appropriate intellectual knowledge and understanding to be a critical, competent and informed teacher.
  • Professional skills - having appropriate teaching and interpersonal skills, both in the classroom and as a colleague within the school community.

All aspects of conversations about Initial Teacher Education should include questions such as:

  • Which standards are you addressing here?
  • Which standards do you want to focus on this week?
  • How did XXXXX help you to address standard Q?

In addition to the constant relating of training to the Standards for QTS, the following questions may act as prompts:

  • What do you understand by professional behaviour?
  • What aspects of professional behaviour do you demonstrate in tutorial sessions?
  • How would you deal with an accusation about a slip in your professional behaviour?
  • What can the school do to ensure that you understand our expectations of your behaviour?
  • Are there areas of professional behaviour that we could train you in?
  • What interpersonal skills have you demonstrated in conversations with pupils this week?
  • What professional skills have you observed in others this week?
  • What have you learned this week about ‘being a teacher’?
  • How are you developing your ability to take on board constructive criticism?
  • How are you developing positive working relationships with others?
  • What teaching skills do you want to address this week?
  • What do you want to see demonstrated that will improve your professional skills this week?
  • Which standards have you addressed this week and feel that you have improved on?
  • Are there any standards that you do not understand?
  • Are there any standards that you are concerned that you have not had the opportunity to address yet?</ul

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