Supporting Struggling Trainees

On every course, there will be trainees who for various reasons struggle to achieve the Teachers' Standards at a level consistent with the Award of QTS. The first principle of dealing with struggling or weak trainees is to help them succeed in achieving the standards. Trainees struggle for many reasons, some personal, some contextual, and we know from years of following trainees’ career trajectories that weaker trainees do not necessarily become weak teachers. Many become strong, confident practitioners and curriculum leaders as their confidence and understanding grows. The second principle of dealing with weak or struggling trainees is, of course, that we must maintain rigorous standards and assessment procedures and must not allow trainees to pass who are not demonstrating the appropriate level of competence.

More details can be found in the following documents:

Supporting struggling or weak trainees

Cause for Concern Example (this example uses the old standards but the principle is the same!)

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