Teachers' Standards (for the Award of QTS)

Here is a 'one page' version of the standards designed to be printed in 'bookmark' style: Teachers Standards


The document containing the rationale and detail of the standards is here: Teachers' Standards full document


The guidance provided by UCET (University Council for the Education of Teachers) and NASBTT (National Advisory for School Based Teacher Training) which is to be used when considering how well the trainee is meeting the standards is here: Guidance on how well the trainee is meeting the standardsGuidance on how well the trainee is meeting the standards (sequential format)




Select any of the following tasks to familiarise yourself with the new standards:


  • Take a lesson you have taught recently, preferably with a written lesson plan, and identify all of the standards that you visited, however briefly, within it. Now pick the three standards that you feel you most ably demonstrated within this lesson and justify (to others if possible) whether you were addressing the standards at the appropriate level or just working towards them.
  • Write a couple of episode plans which a trainee could teach in the early stages of their practice that would allow them to focus on a maximum of two standards.
  • Select two standards that you consider to be challenging ones and describe how a trainee at your school could address these. It will not necessarily be within a lesson.
  • With the topic of ‘Behaviour Management’ in mind select all the standards that you think contribute towards this. Record these, with a rationale for their inclusion, to use in a conversation with the trainee about behaviour management at different phases of their SBW experience.

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