We asked our Teacher Training graduates how they were enjoying being teachers.

We launch careers rather than jobs. Our commitment to you doesn’t end when you graduate – we offer you the opportunity to continue with us via our Masters & CPD programmes giving you access to the networks, peer support, facilities and good practice that you need to help you develop professionally long after your first year as a newly qualified teacher.

Teaching as a career

No one will tell you that teaching is easy or that as a career it is a 'soft option'. What they will tell you is that each day will bring new challenges and that teaching can be an extremely satisfying career full of opportunities for personal and professional development. Few other professions enable you to make such a positive and lasting impact on people's lives and help shape the minds of the future.

Is Teaching the right choice for you?

Are you: 

  • articulate and imaginative?
  • an effective group worker?
  • a good listener?

Do you:

  • manage your work effectively?
  • work well with others?

Can you:

  • think on your feet?
  • provide leadership?
  • deal with stressful situations?

Have you:

  • recently visited or worked in a school?
  • recently worked with children?
  • had previous experience of teaching, instructing or demonstrating?

If so, and with our guidance and training, you could make a great teacher.

Having a PGCE is a qualification that is more than a ‘ticket to teach’ in a UK school. It could enable you to travel, and see the world whilst earning a salary. There are many international teaching programmes and schemes that recruit young teachers to work abroad.

It could also be a building block to other education and young people related roles– I meet many Specialists such as Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Counsellors, Behaviour Advisors, social workers (the list continues) that studied a PGCE and gained some classroom experience before moving into their roles. Read more.

Kate Hurley
PGCE Primary (Early Years 3-8) 2002-2003

The University of Exeter has an excellent reputation and offered the unique specialism programme which I felt would give me an advantage when applying for jobs.

Elizabeth Hansford, Primary Science

The Exeter Model of Education is unique to St Luke’s and for that very reason graduates with a PGCE from Exeter are regarded very highly by future employers, that kind of confidence at interviews is priceless.

Lucy Orchard