The course also prepares you for the role of Specialist Leader or Coordinator for Art

Upper Primary Art


St Luke's Campus, Exeter


This specialism will help you develop a critical, reflective, and creative approach to teaching Art that fosters children’s enthusiasm for learning. Practical experience of a variety of classroom activities will aid you in developing confidence in teaching Art and identifying links to other curriculum areas, with the aim of progressing to the role of Specialist Leader or Coordinator for Art. There will be a particular focus on the National Curriculum requirements for teaching Art to children aged 7 to 11 and school placements will be in Key Stage 2 classes. 

You will be encouraged to appreciate the wider role of Art in relation to cultural diversity and to use research to develop a contemporary and critical view of Art education in theory and practice.

Practical workshops and seminars make up the taught component.


The programme lasts 36 weeks and consists of University-based studies and school-based work.

…with Exeter the door is never closed. It continues to be on hand to give advice and take an active interest in the career development of its students. This makes Exeter a very special place, putting students and ultimately the pupils they will teach, first.

Richard Bridgewater, Primary programme