About Us

CENCSE brings together a group of people with overlapping  and intersecting philosophical orientations, ideologies and values that challenge the status quo on education. Our centre combines two research groups: CREATE and RE-PLACE, both of which share the view that education should be concerned with enriching lives, whilst countering the imbalances generated by some qualifications and employment agendas within educational systems.

Our creativity focus  derives from the CREATE group’s investigations of creativity in education, within and across disciplines including the arts, sciences and digital learning; and its role in educational social systems transformation.  This is closely related to the Re-Place group’s interest in rethinking and reframing ways of knowing and ‘being-in-the-world’ via the lenses of space and place, whilst being cognizant of ethics and social justice concerns. The sustainability focus, derived from the Re-Place group, is viewed as fluid and contested, and as encompassing matters of global education and ethics, social and environmental justice, diversity, citizenship, and development. In both groups we are concerned with debating the ethics and power relations of creativity and sustainability and how these might be researched. Our focus on educational futures intersects with both creativity and sustainability and draws out the need to explore their implications for transformative learning futures at a systemic level (Re-Place) in order to understand and facilitate educational transformation (CREATE).