Externally funded research projects

These research projects are or have been undertaken as part of the Centre for Research in Professional Learning. Please click on the project title for further detail.

Awarded To

Project Title


Nick Givens Safeguarding BAME students Office for Students and University of Exeter
Professor Debra Myhill, Banerjee, Moore, Dr  Mountford-Zimdars
Tim Quine (Geography, University of Exeter)
Understanding effective evaluation of the impact of outreach interventions on access to higher education: phase two OFFA (Office for Fair Access)
Professor Debra Myhill, Banerjee
Richard Winsley, Martin Jones (Sport & Health Sciences, Exeter); Alison Truelove, Marwa Tourky and Graham Perkins (Business School, Exeter)
Transforming Transitions
Pallavi Amitava Banerjee
Dr Vikki Boliver & Professor Stephen Gorard (Durham University, project lead)
Evaluating the fairness of admissions to UK higher education Economic and Social Research Council