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Core membersInterests
Professor Justin Dillon (Director) STEM policy and practice; environmental/sustainability education
Dr Taro Fujita (Associate Director) Mathematics and technology education; dialogic/inferentialism in education
Mr Luke Graham Science teacher education
Nick Givens  
Associate Professor Lindsay Hetherington (Associate Director) New materialist dialogic theory; science education
Dr Judith Kleine Staarman Dialogue/dialogic education; technologies for teaching and learning
Dr Shirley Larkin Metacognition, self-regulated learning and thinking skills
Associate Professor Nasser Mansour (Associate Director) Science education, STEM/STSE Education 
Dr Ana Melro Coding for non-Computer Science learners, including pedagogies and framing of computational thinking
Dr Thomas Ralph Secondary Mathematics
Dr George Tarling Role of educators in both responding to and shaping evolving socio-technical practices
Associate members  

Dr Pallavi Banerjee

Dr Kerry Chappell  
Dr Darren Moore  

Dr Bethan Stagg 

Ms Lucy Yeomans  
Emeritus members
Emeritus Professor Paul Ernest  
Student members

Sulaiman Al-Balushi
Sumai Al-Bulushi
Saadyah Alaskari
Mansour Alfayez
Norah Alhudaithy
Salha Al Makdi
Rawan Alqarawi
Mohammed Alqorashi
Ceren Aras
Ben Cain
Belinda Li
Yasin Memis
Jill Noakes
Christopher Ominyi
Adam Peters
Chloe Rigby
Sze Man Yeung