Review of evidence on behaviour

17 September 2018 - 2 February 2019

Researcher/s: Darren Moore

Research partners: Professor Tamsin Ford (University of Exeter Medical School) (PI), Professor Chris Boyle (Graduate School of Education), Dr Rachel Hayes (University of Exeter Medical School), Morwenna Rogers (University of Exeter Medical School), Ralphy Kenchington – Graduate Research Assistant, Simon Benham-Clarke – Graduate Research Assistant

Sponsor(s): Education Endowment Foundation

About the research

This evidence review will synthesise the best available international evidence regarding approaches to behaviour in schools to:

  • Produce an overarching model or framework explaining why school pupils misbehave (Review 1)
  • Review the effectiveness of classroom-based approaches to behaviour trialled in robust research studies (Review 2)

Review the effectiveness of school-wide approaches to behaviour and identify the gaps for robust research studies to explore frequently used strategies (Review 3)