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Who we are

Staff affiliated to the Centre for Special Educational Needs, include staff based in University units beyond the Graduate School of Education.   In addition, we have a number of postgraduate research students affiliated to the Centre.


Professor Brahm Norwich

Educational Psychology and Special Educational Needs

Associate Professor Hazel Lawson

Special and Inclusive Education

Dr Hannah Anglin-Jaffe

Lecturer in Special Educational Needs

Dr Alison Black

Senior Lecturer in Education

Associate Professor Christopher Boyle Inclusive Education and Psychology
Dr Darren Moore Lecturer in Education
Dr George Koutsouris Lecturer in Education
Dr Andrew Richards

Director of Educational Psychology Doctoral Training Course

Helen Knowler                                   Lecturer in Education                                                       
Dr Sana Rizvi Lecturer in Education


Associated Members 

Dr Elias Avramidis

Special Education, University of Thessaly, Greece

Dr Peter Gray

SEN Policy Consultant in Nottingham and co-coordinator of SEN Policy research Forum

Tricia Nash

Honorary University Fellow, University of Exeter and Researcher, Plymouth University

Dr Marian Soroa

Developmental and Educational Psychology, University of the Basque Country, Spain.

Margie Tunbridge

Associate Tutor, DEdPsych training programme for professional educational psychologists


Current Research Students

Suadd Alnabi  
Raya Alraesi  Omani mothers' experience, perceptions and feelings with regard to educational choices and decisions for their children with ASD
Hatim Algraigray Exploring whether LD and ADHD labels are beneficial for those who labelled by primary schools in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Arwa Alharthi  Fostering thinking skills through creative drama with primary school children with learning difficulties in Saudi Arabia
Naeema Alhasan Developing and evaluating peer tutoring programme (Maths PALS) for trainee teachers of SEN pupils in Saudi Arabia
Zeineb Al-hilali  
Ali Alkeraida Understanding the teaching practices of inclusive participation for male students with Autism in Saudi Arabian primary schools
Fatema Almulhem The experiences of students with hearing impairments in mainstream secondary schools in Saudi Arabia
Hind Almutairi Perspectives of females special educationand general teachers who work with students with learning difficulties regarding their collaboration in mainstream primary schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Amal Alnawaiser The phenomenon of gifted labelling: students' perspectives on their labelling as gifted by secondary schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Sarah Alqahtani  
Mona Alshehri  
Jo Anderson  
Abdullahtif Arishi Exploring the facilitiators and barrriers to full particiaption of students who are deaf or hard of hearing in Saudi inclusive schools
Salim Bani Oraba  
Sara Binammar Where are the parents? An exploration and examination of parental involvement of mothers of girls with learning disabilities in primary mainstream schools in Saudi Arabia
Melissa Bourne  
Joseph Brown Exploring EFL teachers' experiences working with Saudi students who struggle with English literacy at a leading Saudi medical university
Galina Bugon  
Anne Cox Parent-school relationships in special schools for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties
Joanne Day  
Emir Emre Exploring the training factors that influence the role of teaching assistants when teaching students with SEND in mainstream classrooms in England
Isabell Hallam Exploring how to meet the diverse needs of an inclusive college of higher education student population through a holistic tutorial programme
Jeremy Hannay Evaluating lesson study in primary schools focussing on maths professional development
Daehee Jang  The effects of  Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) in aquiring English oral skills in a South Korean university
Kamila Janik  
Chui Fan Lee The significance of friendship to academically superior students in Hong Kong
Danielle McDougall  The teaching of pupils who experiences difficulties in learning Spanish in two government secondary schools in Trinidad, West Indies
Peter Moulson  
Laura O'Brien The exploration of social, emotional and behavioural functioning of pupils with ASD of primary age in educational settings and how this is managed
Queen Onalaja Improving the reading comprehension skills of senior secondary students who have difficulty deriving meaning from text
Eileen Owens  
Margaret Peat Unlocking the word 'hoard': an analysis of the potential of literacy learning in the reintegration of ex-offenders, disabled people and those discharged from the Armed Forces
Pat Ramsey Life history case studies of adults with Dylexia
Pooja Sharma Capturing the voice of children and young people with non-verbal means of communication during statutory assessments and reviews
Tracey Warren Parents' persepectives on the policy and practice of inclusive education in Dubai private schools
Hatice Yildirim The coping strategies of deaf students in relation to the challenges of inclusive education in mainstream secondary schools in England