We are concerned with researching all aspects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics education, including information and communications technology.

About us

The Centre for Science, Maths and Technology Education brings together academics and research students concerned with aspects of education in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Our view of education is broad, encompassing education in schools and colleges, education in non-formal settings, and the education of teachers of STEM subjects. Our view of what is included amongst the STEM subjects is also broad (including, for example, geosciences, environmental sciences, medical education); we see information and communications technology (ICT) as an important part of our concern both because of its links with technology and because of its role in supporting innovative research methods and pedagogies.

As well as contributing to the day to day work of specific funded research projects, we work together to explore more fundamental issues such as the nature of science, its role in key areas of decision making in society and the implications of these issues for formal and non-formal science education.  In these respects we are interested in complex socio-scientific issues and the relevance of science education to contemporary citizenship (for example its role in strengthening debate on themes such as sustainability, and global climate change).  This aspect of our work is supported by seminars led by national and international leaders in the field and shapes our contribution to university-wide collaborations in the STEM area.   The Centre also hosts the international journal Philosophy of Mathematics Education.