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In addition to collaboration with colleagues within the Graduate School of Education, the Centre currently also collaborates with academics in Malaysia, India, Turkey, Netherlands, and Lebanon.


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PhD students

Amongst the doctoral students who are associated with the research group are:

PhD Students


(and status)

Naif Alsufyani

An exploration of Saudi university teachers’ and students’ perceptions of problem solving skills in the teaching and learning of physics.

Nasser Mansour (ongoing)

 Jill Noakes

Understanding teachers’ and pupils’ perspectives on participation in project-based science

Nasser Mansour (ongoing)

Yaser Alkhabra

Using Social Media in Higher Education in Saudi Arabia

Nasser Mansour (ongoing)

Ceren Aras

Investigation of Collaboration and Interaction among Students in Augmented Reality and non-Augmented Reality Collaborative Tasks.

Nasser Mansour (ongoing)

Saadyah Alaskari

Mathematics Teachers’ Perceptions of STEM in Saudi Arabia

Pallavi Banerjee

Sumaiya Al Bulushi

The GLOBE Programme’ impacts on science teachers’ beliefs and classroom practices in teaching environmental issues in grades 5-10 in Omani schools

Pallavi Banerjee (ongoing)

Assa Shafi

The problematic Nature of Everyday language in IGCSE Chemistry

Lindsay Hetherington

Munthir Alblaihad

Factors impacting science and mathematics student teachers' use of ICT in the classroom

Nasser Mansour (Awarded)

Hamed Alsahou

Fostering students' creativity in science education in Kuwait

Nasser Mansour

Ahmad Alshammari

Curriculum implementation and development in an Islamist Context examined through an evaluation of the new Kuwaiti science curriculum for sixth and seventh grades

Nasser Mansour (awarded)

Sami Binjumah

Using activity theory to explore the perspective of participants on the preparation program of science teachers through the partnership between a university and schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Nigel Skinner (awarded)

Simon Gates 

Carbon Cycle and General Feeding Diagrams as Visual Narratives 

Keith Postlethwaite (awarded)

Beth Gompertz

Pupils as co-researchers in science classrooms

Keith Postlethwaite (awarded)

Henrique Gil

IT in Science: A study of the use of data-logging in practical work by Portuguese pre-service science teachers

Nigel Skinner (awarded)

Aneta Maria Leksander-Hayes

Students' and Teachers' Views of Transition from Secondary Education to Western-Medical university in Bahrain

Nasser Mansour (awarded)

Peter McWilliam

Primary and secondary school mathematics teachers’ perspectives of using ICT in teaching mathematics

Nigel Skinner (awarded)

Hasibah Mohammad

Understanding the impact of an Action Research-Based Continuing Professional Development Programme on Kuwaiti Primary Teacher's Pedagogy

Nasser Mansour (awarded)

Aristides Mouzakitis

An investigation of three Greek mathematics teachers' conceptions of the assessment of pupil attainment  in mathematics  and its socio-political dimension

Nigel Skinner (awarded)

Young Mudavanhu

The contribution of theory and practice to the professional development of students learning to become secondary teachers in Zimbabwe

Nigel Skinner (awarded)

Kathy Seddon

Towards a theoretical understanding of an international, largely virtual, learning community of teachers using ICT in their teaching of environmental studies

Keith Postlethwaite (awarded)