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Professor Bob Burden, the founder of the CEDU, who passed away in March 2014.   

The Cognitive Education Development Unit is the part of the Centre for Teaching Thinking and Dialogue that has the specific role of accrediting thinking schools. It also provides support and advice related to research on teaching thinking.  Research on teaching for thinking and creativity has long been an area of focus at the Graduate School of Education at Exeter. Professor Bob Burden, the founder of CEDU, was one of the first to bring Feuerstein’s approach of ‘Dynamic Assessment’ to the UK. Professor Anna Craft was a global leader in developing education for creativity. Professor Rupert Wegerif, the current co-director of CEDU, has developed and researched effective approaches to teaching collective thinking.

Recent developments in understanding cognitive education and teaching for thinking and creativity more generally, have led to the establishment of ‘thinking schools’, attempting to incorporate the principles of a wide range of approaches to teaching thinking (viz. Lipman; Hyerle; De Bono; Costa; Gardner) into their curriculum practice. The whole thinking schools educational approach was devised by Professor Bob Burden and CEDU evalutors working with Thinking Schools International (TSI). CEDU continue to collaborate closely with TSI but we remain an independent University-based research group and we also collaborate with EEDNET and many other groups who have a compatible philosophy and practice of education.

As a result of increased interest in schools across the globe adopting cognitive development processes, the Centre for Teaching Thinking and Dialogue is currently working to develop more formal evaluation and assessment methods, tools and instruments to measure the impact of being a 'Thinking School' and to provide rigorous research results.

CEDU also has close links with the Centre for Research in Professional Learning (CRPL) with their co director, Professor Vivienne Baumfield also co-director of CEDU.  Vivienne is leading on the developoment of the Exeter professional learning and inquiry network (ExPLAIN) which accredited thinking schools are encouraged to join.

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