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Accreditation Process

Accreditation Process

If you are interested in becoming an accredited ‘thinking school’ the following process will need to take place.  

This is the process for the revised online accreditation format which is being launched during Spring 2017.  To receive updates on the launch of the online accreditation please email Jo Moncur.  


Phase 1 – information gathering

  • School makes initial contact with CEDU.
  • CEDU to provide criteria and guidance on requirements for submission of evidence.
  • School to prepare evidence in the form of developing thinking skills section on their school website. The design of the website will be at the discretion of each individual school. Where possible the content should be external facing to show the evidence as examples of good practice of thinking skills to the wider school community. **
  • School to complete online formal accreditation application and ethical approval form (permitting CEDU the use of the data and responses provided by the school for future research).


** If evidence is confidential then it should be placed in a restricted area on the website and access details provided to CEDU during completion of below online proforma.


Phase 2 - Evaluation

  • School to complete reflective online proforma (will be available on CEDU website in due course), providing URL links to the evidence on their school website.

On receipt of both the online application and ethical approval form and submission of the reflective proforma:

  • the evidence will be considered by a CEDU evaluator and if all the criteria is met, accreditation will be awarded. If criteria appear not to be met, advice and support will be given on how to meet the criteria more fully, as well as access to training programmes by highly qualified and experienced specialist consultants.


Phase 3 - Accreditation

  • CEDU will provide the school with a formal a written report together with formal acknowledgment that the school meets the required criteria.
  • CEDU will provide the school with a certificate and trophy.
  • Schools will also be granted permission to use the University of Exeter and the Thinking Schools logos for a period of three years from the award accreditation date.
  • Schools will be invited to join the Exeter Professional Learning and Inquiry Network (ExPLAIN).
  • CEDU will invoice the school for the accreditation fee. Payment within one month is required.
  • CEDU will arrange a follow up developmental visit to the school by a CEDU evaluator during the three year period of accreditation.