Routes to Accreditation

During Spring 2017 a new online accreditation format for all UK and overseas schools is being launched.  All schools seeking accreditation from January 2017 should now be working towards this method of accreditation.  

The online accreditation will require schools:

  • to develop a thinking skills area within their school website which demonstrates the school’s thinking skills activities taking place within the school **
  • complete an online proforma to demonstrate reflection and self-evaluation of the evidence that they have met the criteria (with provision of URL links to evidence on the school website)
  • facilitate a moderation/developmental visit by a CEDU evaluator during the 3 year period of accreditation (date to be set once following award of accreditation).

** The design of the thinking skills section on your school website will be at the discretion of each individual school. Where possible the content should be external facing to show the evidence as examples of good practice of thinking skills to the wider school community.

Please see Accreditation Process for fuller details.  

To receive further news and updates on the launch of the online accreditation please email Jo Moncur.