Who We Are

Staff affiliated to the Centre for Teaching Thinking and Dialogue include colleagues within the Graduate School of Education and external affiliates.  In addition, we have a number of international affiliates working closely with us.


Dr Judith Kleine Staarman (Centre Co-Lead) (Graduate School of Education) 

Dr Li Li (Centre Co-Lead) (Graduate School of Education)


Professor Vivienne Baumfield (Graduate School of Education)

Dr Kerry Chappell (Graduate School of Education)

Richard Cummins (Thinking Schools International)

Dr Anna Davis (Graduate School of Education)

Jonathan Doney (Graduate School of Education)

Claire Fenwick (University of Plymouth)

Ruth Flanagan (Graduate School of Education)

Dr Taro Fujita (Graduate School of Education)

Professor Lena Green (Evaluator, Cognitive Education Development Unit)

Dr Margo Greenwood (Evaluator, Cognitive Education Development Unit)

Bernadette Hancock (Evaluator, Cognitive Education Development Unit)

Professor Steve Higgins (Professor of Education, Durham University)

Professor James Kaufman (Professor and LRI Director, Department of Psychology, California State University)

Dr Sibel Kazak (Assistant Professor, Pamukkale University)

Fiona Knapp (Evaluator, Cognitive Education Development Unit)

Dr Yifat Kolikant (School of Education, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Professor Alex Kozulin (Academic Coordinator of the International Department, Feuerstein Institute)

Dr Kristiina Kumpulainen (Playful Learning Center, Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki)

Dr Shirley Larkin (Graduate School of Education)

Debi Lomax

Dr Nasser Manousr (Graduate School of Education)

Dr Gabriela Meier (Graduate School of Education)

Dr Omar Muammar (College of Education, University of Dammam)

Dr Ruth Newman (Graduate School of Education)

Dr Ali Nouri (Department of Educational Sciences, Malayer University)

Dr Manoli Pifarre (Graduate School of Education)

Dr Andrew Richards (Graduate School of Education)

Dr Judy Silver (Evaluator, Cognitive Education Development Unit) 

Micki Sonne Kaa Sunesen (Center for mediated learning and inclusion (CEMELI))

Dr Dave Walters (Associate, Cognitive Education Development Unit)

Professor Paul Webb (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa)

Professor Rupert Wegerif (University of Cambridge)


Research Students 

Ibrahim Alabbush


Badiah Alnasib


Sahar Alkhathlan


Khalid Alzahrani

An exploration of teachers' and students' perceptions of metacognition in relation to mathematics teaching and learning in secondary schools in Saudi Arabia

Bashar Awadh


Aireen Bahari


David Bish


Julia Bryant

The interplay between individual teachers' professional development and the evolution of a professional development culture in a school

Elspeth Cavalcanti


Enjo Xuying Fan


Georgina Tarling

Making "good" use of the internet? How use of the internet is haped for 5-7 year olds by the home and school contexts