Grammar for Writing: A Randomised Controlled Trial Study


Our children really enjoyed the unit and the quality of writing was excellent.

Ruth Shallcross, Enfield Primary Teacher

I taught Merlin this year to my year 6 class and they loved it. Years 4 and 5 also completed the unit and had the same response – especially the boys! The teachers were very positive about teaching it and said it has changed the way they teach writing.

Year 6 teacher

Increasing the children’s awareness of verbs has hugely simplified the issue of clauses and the associated use of punctuation, conjunctions and adverbial phrases. I have felt that the children are now so much more able to consider the purpose and effect of their writing and therefore make more deliberate choices about composition. It is in discussing their choices that the children’s learning becomes truly embedded and we will continue to devote more time within our lessons to enabling the children to discuss, share and evaluate.

Alison Armstrong Yr 6 teacher

I feel that the Exeter model has over the last three years become integral to my practice. The concept of incorporating real life texts and allowing students to explore and consider real writers’ choices offers them the opportunities to immerse themselves in a range of original and creative ideas. I have watched, with great pride, my learners not only become more confident in their analysis of writers’ crafting, but transfer these skills into their own writing, creatively imitating a range of more challenging structures and decisions in their own pieces. I truly believe this model gives our youngsters more confidence, power and choice, providing them with the tools in which they can absorb a true and transferable knowledge of English.

Rosie Saunders - Secondary English teacher Okehampton College