Grammar for Writing: A Randomised Controlled Trial Study

What it involves

Year 6 teachers participating in four CPD days and teaching two fully-prepared units of work, developed by the Exeter team.

  • CPD – will introduce the teaching approach, develop teachers’ grammatical subject knowledge and familiarise teachers with the two teaching units for the project. CPD days are in September (day 1), November 2016 (day 2) and CPD days 3 & 4 will be in February and May 2017;

A small contribution towards travelling costs will be available. The exact location of venues for the CPD is yet to be confirmed

  • Teaching Schemes of Work – there are two units, the first focuses on fictional narrative and the second on persuasive writing. Both units will need to be delivered by the Year 6 teachers to their pupils in the Spring Term of 2017;
  • Analysis - a sample of writing from a Year 6 class will be analysed at the beginning of the research project. Then after the teachers attend the CPD sessions and teach the Schemes of Work, their childrens’ writing outcomes will be analysed again and assessed for any improvements. 

Handy PDF copy of Grammar for Writing

Benefits to schools

  • Likely improvement in writing outcomes for Year 6 writers
  • Improving how writing is taught following 4 high quality CPD sessions by a team of experts
  • Support for children and teachers’ grammatical knowledge
  • Teaching from 2 high quality schemes of work, tailored to meet Year 6 writing outcomes
  • Production of 2 pieces of quality writing which can be used as evidence in final KS2 writing assessments

Benefits to teachers

  • Teachers found the explicitness, the use of discussions, the emphasis on playful experimentation and their increased confidence in subject knowledge to be invaluable features from taking part in the intervention. 

Benefits to pupils

  • Improved understanding of grammatical terminology
  • Improved understanding of how to make language choices in writing
  • Improved outcomes in writing