Possibility thinking about the future of creativity

24th June 2019, Professor James C Kauffman gave the 4th Anna Craft Memorial Lecture as the culmination of the BERA Creativities SIG/CEEN conference on Disentangling Creativity Research.  He is a Professor of Educational Psychology at the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut and an author of numerous books and articles.  In his lecture, he proposes alternative benefits of creativity research through the lens of social justice, tolerance and the meaning of life.  You can listen to his lecture here.

The Creativity and Emergent Educational-futures Network (CEEN) seeks to bring together individuals with overlapping and intersecting philosophical orientations, ideologies and values that challenge the status quo on education.

Despite our diversity, we all do work that argues for

  • the centrality of difference and emergence in our practices of thinking, being and doing.
  • the necessity of researching education beyond boundaries.