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The CREATE research network has now merged with the Re-Place research network to become the Centre for Creativity, Sustainability and Educational Futures.  Please visit CenCSE to find out about our current research activity.  





Upcoming CREATE events: 

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February 2016 - Two events with Bob Jeffrey

22 Feb - Creative Learning in the Primary School

23 Feb - Enjoying ethnographic writing

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Collaborative Projects

The development and research work we are currently engaged in spans the earliest years of learning to adult learning and higher education. Our work explores issues in curriculum, pedagogy and learning for creativity in education, and also seeks to explore implications for learning futures at a systemic level


Who's Who

Staff affiliated to CREATE, include some based in University units beyond the Graduate School of Education.  Find out who make up CREATE.


Professor Anna Craft
10 December 1961 - 11 August 2014
Academic Lead for Creativity, the Arts and Educational Futures (2007-2014)

It is with great sadness that we write that Professor Anna Craft died on 11th August.  Anna joined the University of Exeter in January 2007 and was both a highly valued colleague and friend to many of us. She has led on many research projects, and the CREATE research group which she convened.  

Anna Craft 'In Memoriam'

'Anna Craft and beyond: what next for Creativity' Memorial Event

Anna Craft: Creativity in Education