About Us

This research network is no longer active.  The activities undertaken within CREATE have now become part of the Centre for Research in Creavitity, Sustainability and Education Futures


CREATE (Creativity Research in Education AT Exeter) was formed in 2007 by Professor Anna Craft. The group encompasses a range of staff and research student interests spanning the creative and performing arts (including dance, music, visual art and drama), the nature of everyday creativity, the role of creativity in social systems transformation, creativity in relation to digital technology, ethics of creativity and interdisciplinary approaches. The development and research work we are currently engaged in spans the earliest years of learning to adult learning, higher education and lifelong learning and is undertaken in various cultural contexts. Our work explores issues in curriculum, pedagogy and learning for creativity in education and also seeks to explore implications for learning futures at a systemic level. Methodological approaches vary according to staff and research questions.

Staff affiliated to CREATE are engaged in:

  • externally funded research
  • external consultancy to educational projects, organisations and institutions
  • offering advice to policy makers, co-developing policy where appropriate
  • editing several journals in the area
  • contributing to our teaching programmes at undergraduate, PGCE, Masters and doctoral levels
  • organising Exeter-based seminars twice a term which are open to cluster members including postgraduate students researching in relevant areas
  • organising occasional special events