Externally Funded Research Projects

These research projects are or have been undertaken at the Graduate School of Education as part of the Religion, Spirituality and Education Network. Please click on the project title for further detail.

Awarded To

Project Title


Professor Rob Freathy, Jonathan Doney
Dr Mark Freeman (University College London)
Exe Libris update 2015-16 History of Education Society
Jonathan Doney English Religious Education: A story of indoctrination, Instrumentalization and Ideology British Academy
Professor Rob Freathy, Barbara Wintersgill Identifying Principles and Big Ideas for Religious Education St Luke's College Foundation
Dr Karen Walshe Bridging the Gaps: negotiating differing constructions of religion in RE in initial teacher education St Luke's College Foundation
Professor Rob Freathy Exe Libris update 2011-2014 History of Education Society
Professor Rupert Wegerif, Shirley Larkin , Nasser Mansour Face to Faith educational programme Tony Blair Foundation
Professor Rob Freathy Teacher Professionalization and the Professional Quality of Religious Education Westhill Trust
Professor Rob Freathy, Karen Walshe RE-searchers: A critical dialogic approach to RE in primary schools Culham St Gabriel's Trust
Dr Karen Walshe Understanding 'Understanding' in Religious Education Farmington Institute
Dr Karen Walshe Enhancing the training of RE teachers through a multi-faith visit weekend St Luke's College Foundation
Professor Rob Freathy
with Dr Esther Reed, College of Humanities
The Art of Narrative Theology in Religious Education Bible Society
Dr Shirley Larkin, Rob Freathy , Karen Walshe RE-flect: A programme to foster metacognition in the RE classroom
Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
Professor Rob Freathy
and Dr Stephen Parker (University of Worcester)
Digitising the History of Education Bulletin 1968-2002 and Researcher 2003-2009 History of Education Society
Professor Rob Freathy
In collaboration with Dr Stephen Parker (University of Worcester).
The hidden history of curriculum change in Religious Education in English schools, 1969-1979. British Academy
Dr Karen Walshe Exploring Diversity: Enhancing the training of teacher of religious education St. Luke's Foundation