EARLI Advanced Study Colloquium 2013 on The Roles of Theory in Research on Learning and Instruction

A collaborative project with Professor Gert Biesta, University of Stirling (University of Luxembourg, January 2013 onwards)

  • Awarded to: Professor Rupert Wegerif
  • Funding Awarded to Exeter: £ 4,850
  • Dates: 1 December 2012 - 31 May 2013
  • Sponsor(s): European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) (Total funding € 6000)
  • http://www.earli.org/asc/asc2013

The Colloquium will take place in the spring of 2013 and will focus on the roles of theory in research on learning and instruction. The Colloquium will be organised in collaboration with Prof Gert Biesta, University of Luxembourg.