CREAT-IT: Developing Creative Science Education by integration with the arts

Stord/Haugesund University College, Norway (leading)

  • Awarded to: Professor Anna Craft
  • Co-investigators: Dr Kerry Chappell, Sarah Hennessy
  • Funding Awarded to Exeter: £ 40,000 (total funding of £ 246,000)
  • Dates: 1 November 2013 - 31 October 2015
  • Sponsor(s): EU Lifelong Learning Programme: Comenius

The Exeter team is collaborating with six other European partners on the CREAT-IT project. The aim of the project is to develop and support science teachers by integrating creative and cultural activities derived from the arts into their curriculum, therefore engaging students to participate in collaborative, project and case study based activities.  

The Exeter team is leading the empirical work in researching the pedagogical approach and implementation that conceptualises this ethical dimension through a focus on wise, humanising creativity in science education which we argue is vital to responsible creativity in a world characterised by radical uncertainty. This theory, developed by Craft and Chappell at Exeter along with collaborators at the Open University, University of Cambridge and elsewhere is being integrated with, and used to develop three well-known creative science education pedagogies: Junior Science Café, Write a Science Opera (WASO) and Science Theatre. 

Alongside these responsibilities, the Exeter team are also developing and theorising new approaches in continuing professional development, by exploring the implementation of dialogue and difference, living dialogic space and the four Ps at the level of professional development.  This therefore foregrounds pupil creativity and creative pedagogy in Science Education for primary and secondary schools by integrating the arts and culture.


CREAT-IT Partners

  • Exeter University, England
  • Stord/Haugesund University College, Norway (leading project)
  • Elinogermaniki Agogi, Greece
  • Hellenic Association of Science Journalists, Science Writers and Science Communicators (Science View), Greece
  • Forma Scienza, Italy
  • Center for the promotion of Science, Serbia
  • European Network for Opera and Dance Education (RESEO), Belgium

Exeter Team

Sarah Hennessy, Dr Kerry Chappell, Professor Anna Craft, Charlotte Slade, Dr Margo Greenwood, Dr Alison Black 



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