An action research partnership to enhance learning in science focusing on the KS2/3 transition ARIELS (Action Research Inspiring and Enhancing Learning in Science)

  • Awarded to: Associate Professor Keith Postlethwaite
  • Co-investigators: Dr Nigel Skinner
  • Funding Awarded to Exeter: £ 44,937
  • Dates: 1 September 2009 - 31 August 2011
  • Sponsor(s): AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust

The ARIELS research project is a joint enterprise between the University of Exeter and the Exmouth Area Learning Community, comprising one secondary school and 14 primary schools.

This project is investigating the role that action research can play in developing the way in which science lessons are planned and taught. We are particularly interested in exploring ways in which pupil voice and peer teaching could enhance the experience of learners as they move from primary to secondary school.

Further details and reports are available on the project website.