Cost, Value and Quality in Professional Learning: promoting economic literacy in medical and teacher education

Project Team: Professors’ Vivienne Baumfield and Karen Mattick, co-leaders of the Centre for Research in Professional Learning (CRPL), University of Exeter 

The objectives of this Research Commission are to invite a series of ‘expert witnesses’, representing a range of perspectives, to contribute to the interrogation of the types of evidence used in the evaluation of the relationship between the cost of provision for professional learning and impact on the value and quality of education. The overarching theme will be addressed in two intersecting contexts: the interface of education with economics, and between teacher education and medical education.

The Commission will adopt the structure of a parliamentary select committee by calling upon expert witnesses to outline a case illustrating their approach to the management of questions of cost, value and quality in professional learning. The cases will be presented across two linked seminars. The Commission explores (through the experiences of the seminar participants, the supporting working papers and more widely through interaction in cross-professional community of inquiry) how economic literacy might furnish a more informed and robust response to these pressures.



Webinar: ‘Evaluating curriculum change through cost and value analysis’: Professor Dragan Ilic, 4th July 2016

Webinar on Monday 4th July featuring Professor Dragan Ilic from the School of Public Health & Preventive Medicine at Monash University. Dragan will describe his experience in conducting a cost-effectiveness analysis of changing from a didactic to a blended learning model of teaching evidence based medicine to medical students. Dragan approaches his discussion from the knowledge that “these days educators have the option of adopting a variety of different delivery modes, including face to face, online or blended, when implementing their units. Evaluating the effectiveness of teaching modes can provide important information regarding student outcomes. Yet many studies will often neglect to consider the cost associated with change. Incorporating an economic evaluation provides educators with additional information with respect to the value for money associated with change.




Seminar One - 11th February 2016, Reed Hall, University of Exeter
Using evidence to inform policy and practice in teacher education and medical education
Recordings from the event

Seminar Two - 25th April 2016 Reed Hall, University of Exeter
Understanding Cost, Value and Quality in professional education 

Full Programme

Working Papers

Members of an expert panel to share insights and case studies during the seminars and associated webinars include:

  • Professor Steve Higgins, School of Education, University of Durham
  • Dr Kieran Walsh, Clinical Director, BMJ Learning and Quality
  • Professor Alison Bullock Director of the Cardiff Unit for Research and Evaluation in Medical and Dental Education (CUREMeDE), University of Cardiff
  • Professor Jen Cleland, School of Medicine, University of Aberdeen
  • Professor Kay Livingston, School of Education, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Anna Vignoles, Centre for the Economics of Education, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Ruben Mujica-Mota, Senior Lecturer in Health Economics, University of Exeter
  • Dr George Rivers, Associate Dean, Research Collaboration at Monash Business School, Monash University
  • Professor Tim Dornan, School of Medicine, Dentistry and Bio-medical Sciences, Queen’s University, Belfast
  • Professor Debra Myhill, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean (College of Social Sciences and International Studies), University of Exeter
  • Dragan IlicHead of the Medical Education Research and Quality (MERQ) unit at the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University.