Meet the team

Professor Debra Myhill
Project Director, University of Exeter

Professor Carol Robinson
Co-Investigator, Loughborough University

Dr Dan Herbert
Co-Investigator, Birmingham Business School

Dr Jane Reid
Co-Investigator, Queen Mary University London

Dr Pallavi Amitava Banerjee
Institutional Lead, University of Exeter

Funder: HEFCE


In order to address the particular needs and trajectories of this under- researched group we adopt an explore-design-implement-evaluate methodology. We aim to develop evidence-based interventions to transform the transition of BTEC students into HE and in this way to reduce differential educational outcomes. This will involve: 

  1. An investigation intervention to explore BTEC students educational experiences across the FE/HE transition, building on a current case study being developed by Pearson and the University of Exeter, and
  2. Designing, implementing and evaluating evidence-based interventions to address identified issues of transition.