• University of Exeter
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Loughborough
  • Queen Mary University London
  • Exeter College
  • Leicester College
  • City and Islington College
  • Hereford Sixth Form College
  • Pearson


 Role Contact
Project Director Debra Myhill 

Institutional Lead Exeter

Pallavi Banerjee 

Institutional Lead Loughborough 

Carol Robinson

Institutional Lead Birmingham:  Dan Herbert  
Institutional Lead QMUL  Jane Reid 
Academic Leads HE Exeter Alison Truelove
Graham Perkins
Marwa Tourky
Richard Winsley
Martin Jones
Academic Leads HE Loughborough Chris Spray
Keith Pond  
Academic Leads HE Birmingham Robert Fleming
Matthew Bridge 
Academic Leads HE QMUL Eranjan Padhumadasa

Academic Leads FE Exeter:

Sam Hillman 

Academic Leads FE Loughborough 

Kully Sandhu 
Academic Leads FE Birmingham Peter Clark 
Academic Leads FE QMUL Stephen Davis 

Planning/WP lead Exeter

Michael Wykes
Nicola Sinclair

Planning/WP lead Loughborough

Miranda Routledge
Linda Bull 

Planning/WP lead Birmingham

Andy Collins 

Planning/WP lead QMUL

David Marks 


Grace Grima 
Project Manager Research Fellow  Helen Lawson 
Exeter Research Fellow  Sara Venner 
Loughborough Research Fellow  Helen MacKenzie  
Birmingham Research Fellow   tba
QMUL Research Fellow  tba


Steering Group 

Chair: DVC (Education) Exeter: Professor Timothy Quine, 

PVC (Teaching), Loughborough: Professor Rachel Thomson, 

PVC (Education), Birmingham: Professor Kathleen Armour 

Vice Principal (Student Exp.) QMUL: Professor Rebecca Lingwood, 

Project Director: Debra Myhill 

Project Manager: Helen Lawson 

Institutional Lead Exeter: Pallavi Banerjee 

Institutional Lead Loughborough: Carol Robinson 

Institutional Lead Birmingham: Dan Herbert 

Institutional Lead QMUL: Jane Reid 

Student Union representative: 

FE College representative: 

Pearson representative: Grace Grima 


The steering committee will meet at six-monthly intervals.